Without your help, our talent show this year might sound like this!

In years past, we were very lucky and had parents who could beg, borrow and steal (mostly borrow) sound equipment so our kids could perform on stage and be heard by everyone in attendance.

We are no longer able to borrow that equipment.

The PTO voted at its last meeting to raise the funds to buy this equipment for the school. It has uses beyond just the talent show, but it's not cheap.

Our fundraising target is $3500. To reach that target, we will need to reach beyond the Green School community to friends, family, extended family, friends of friends. This is the bare-bones system needed to replace the sound equipment used by the talent show in the past, and has been reviewed and approved by folks who work in the business.
Please help us raise this money so the show can go on!

Because sites like GoFundMe can take up to a 13% bite of all funds raised, we are trying to do this using our Non-Profit PayPal Account.

Please donate what you can, and share this post (it is public) to your timeline. Setting the privacy to public will increase its reach.

Thank you for helping to support the show, and the kids!

Donate using the following PayPal link: